(sold) touche se



I'm getting rid of some gear trying to minimize physical gear in favor of software and amongst other things I am selling my Touche SE which I purchased just a couple of months ago but rarely used as I work with Propellerheads Reason as my main DAW and it doesn't support MPE and either the included Touche software is not supported so I can't really get the most out of the Touche SE.

As the name says, SE stays for software edition, meaning you get the hardware plus a dedicated software with libraries and patches that allow you to assign the different control options of the Touche very easily and quick into your VST instrument.

Here some more info:

Price is 140€ or $ including hardware and software (license transfer is possible, I already asked the Touche Team for it). As I live in northern Germany I guess you can pick up the Touche SE if ou live nearby, otherwise I would add shipping costs to the price depending on where and how to send it.