SOLD: TDR Kotelnikov GE an excellent master compressor.

S.M Hassani

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SOLD Tokyo Dawn Labs Kotelnikov GE


- License transfer is immediate after payment is received. No transfer fees required.

TIP: You can resell my TDR license anytime you want. This is better than buying retail from TDR or dealers, as you're not allowed to sell those until 6 months has passed

Kotelnikov GE is my go to master compressor.** Recently updated with 5k GUI, even better stereo handling and a gain reduction limit function. People have compared it to a $5,000 USD Crane Song hardware compressor!

** Yes I still have my full TDR bundle. No way I'm selling any of them for good.

The Gentleman’s Edition adds following features:
  • External sidechain input
  • Inertia timing mode
  • Continuously variable control over “low relax” slope
  • Left/Right sensitivity
  • Powerful frequency dependent ratio function (FDR) <-Great Feature
  • Gain reduction limit control
  • Yin/Yang modes (manipulates the compressor’s own distortion behaviour)
  • Equal loudness output gain trimming
  • Equal loudness bypass
  • Additional quality modes “Insane” and “Live” (low latency)
  • New “Advanced” stereo linking mode
  • 10 additional user preset slots

Check out this Advanced Tips and Tricks article, only a few people know about it:

Dan Worrall's Overview:

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