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Sold: Nord Electro 4 HP (Hammer Action) In U.K.

Michael Antrum

Only the good die young....
I'm selling my Nord Electro 4HP. I have a Nord Stage 2 EX, so it's getting little use.

I have owned it from new and it is in excellent condition - only one small mark on the rear corner of one for the wooden end cheeks. If you are a perfectionist it can easily be replaced for about £30-odd.

It's a flipping brilliant keyboard, and is renown for the famous Nord Piano Libraries, which can be downloaded free of charge. Sad to see it go really, but the Nord Stage is my main squeeze.

I have the original box, disks and manuals that came with the machine - though the original foam inserts have gone AWOL.

Here are some (HiRes) pictures for you delectation and delight:


£ 900.00
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