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(SOLD!!) FaderCTRL - 8 Channel Midi CC Controller $225 USD


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Selling my FaderCTRL. 8-Channel midi CC controller. Excellent condition. Has been working great in Cubase 10 Pro. Selling as I've been doing most automation via another midi controller. Will dust it a little better before shipping. :D

Purchased this on VI-Control - was a popular unit when one of the member here was making them.

You can see the original forum posts here: https://vi-control.net/community/threads/faderctrl.58734/

Product Specs (from above thread):


Product Information:
Universal MIDI Controller
Assignable CC Control (Mac / PC Software)
100 MM Linear Faders
Plug & Play Device (USB Connection / Powered)
Aluminum construction

Note: Faders are neither motorized nor touch sensitive

Product Dimensions (mm):
Width: 180
Length: 182
Height: 65
Weight: 5 lbs


I can upload software to buyer, although there are Dropbox links to the software floating around the forums from members who use these units.

$225 USD. Will ship from Montreal (with USB cable), to US and Canada via Canada Post / USPS. Price includes shipping. Paypal only.


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