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So which one of you maniacs did music for "I Want The World" Commercial?


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This one:

I hate it!!!!
But I remembered it :)

Only one worse is Carvana where that babe says "so relax in your puppy pants" or whatever the heck she says.....

Yes, I have too much stress and too much time on my hands!!!


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I thought it was appropriate because it has the proper attitude, lyrics referring to vacation spoilings, the zippered drums preferred by millennials.

It’s the message that sells it though.
Overall a well done production.
And yes it’s memorable.

I’m in Nevada so we don’t see the full spot.
I noticed this while we were vacationing @ DisneyWorld Orlando.
The commercial is targeted for vacation resorts as we saw it at least 3 times a day and we were only in the rooms to sleep.

Room Service is ridiculously high. 300 bucks for 5 people sent me to iHOB/P and local restaurants.

Wish I wrote this.


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Isn't the song from a Broadway show tune? Though it does work well for the scene.

Edit: Ah, Willy Wonka, the Varuca Lake song. Spoiled little rich girl. :)
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Hahaha! Good comments! It drives me crazy and a dive for the remote whenever it airs...


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That’s what it’s all about.
They don’t care what a bunch of musicians think.

Bunch of cheapskates would never pay for a room there much less the pricey 5 star restaraunts.
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