SNES Mockup: Donkey Kong Country (Sonuscore - The Orchestra)

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    Apr 24, 2017
    Hey guys!

    I've reorchestrated and mixed the theme "Aquatic Ambience" from Donkey Kong while adding the voice of Harrison Ford from the CI-campaign "I am the Ocean".

    Really like how Sonuscores - The Orchestra performs here! Also, this was my first mockup on a limited system, Cubase 5.1 with only 8gb of RAM and no SSD's.

    Since I'm an 80s-kid, also there is a touch of retrowave to add some richness :)

    Also this is my first try with Sony Vegas to make the visual presentation more interesting, so feed back on both music and the visuals is always welcome!

    Libraries and programs used:
    Sony Vegas Pro 14
    Cubase 5.1
    Kontakt 5
    Sonuscore - The Orchestra
    Abbey Road 80s Drummer
    Cinematic Studio Piano
    Impact Soundworks - Super Audio Cart
    SAGA - Acoustic Trailer Percussion

    Custom hardangerfiddle library
    Custom Roland TR707 library

    All reverbs, EQ, compression and limiting is done with Cubase plugins, except for a IR from our local church.

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