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Snapshots not working after updating a library


Yes, that's an alto flute
I created a bunch of snapshots for an upcoming library and implemented some new things, but then the snapshots are not working anymore. Any info on this on how to recover/update them or are they just lost?
They work fine with a saved older version of the library.


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If things changed in the script or in the instrument itself (number of groups, changes to loaded FX, modulators, etc.), your snapshots won't work on that patch. There's no way to update them other than doing the same tweaks on the newer version of the patch.

David Donaldson

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If you change the patch name at all you will lose access to your snapshots. (The patch name and the snapshot folder name need to be identical) If you have changed it, you could copy and rename the folder where they live the same as your new patch name. You should get them back, although they won't reflect the later changes you've made to the patch...but you could rejig them from there and re save.


Yes, that's an alto flute
The patch name stayed the same, but made a backup and have indeed a different name for the backup, so still have working versions of them and can use them to load up in another instances and remake them. Bit of a hassle, but nothing major :)
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