Smart Quantize and how to work with it (Logic)


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I have some problems understanding how to work with Smart Quantize.
In a drum track I have turned on Smart Quantize set to 1/16 note and recorded som midi. After recording I need to fix some of the midi so it's more precise.
But it's not possible to hard quantize individual events! I can select them and press Q but they don't move. Using the Q-Range, Q-AntiFlam, Q-Strength will impact the whole track, right?

So the only way is to create a separate part with the midi events that I need to have really precise and then use the old Classic Quantize right?

This seems quite convoluted to me, and not at all "Apple like".
Any help appreciated.


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You can hard quantize (or change the quantization amount) individual events if you work in the piano roll.


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When Smart Quantize does not get you where you want, you can hard quantize using Q-Strength and Q-Range in the Extended Region Quantize Parameter to tailor it more specifically.

Sometimes a combination of Smart Quantize with the Humanize Transform set works well also.


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Something wrong. I just played a part and hard quantized the region to 8th notes, even though I played some 16th notes. In the Piano Roll I selected them and quantized them to 16th notes abided it overrode the region quantize for those notes.