Slow quick list loading in Kontakt


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Not exactly a DAW question, but didn't find a better place for it. Sometimes the quick list in Kontakt loads forever and I have to use the file tabs instead. Anyone else who has this problem or a solution?


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Yes and no. It depends on how many files it is scanning there. It is slow if heavily populated. I find all of NI's products bogged down with their scanning upon loading. I have a 10 core top end imac pro with only SSD's and it is still bothersome.


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Yes, I had this until recently. I had moved my libraries over from my internal HDD to an external SSD, thereby breaking all the links in QuickLoad (see the thread here). I had to rebuild the entire QuickLoad library, and initially did so without first deleting all the original entries! That's a bad idea - what happened then was that some of the links got updated to the new location, and some didn't (I didn't figure out why, perhaps inconsistent permissions on different folders, but it just didn't overwrite some of the old ones, so the original ones were sometimes left over, and they were therefore pointing at a location for a path that no longer existed). To resolve it, I deleted all the old entries, and then repopulated, but before I did this, I noticed that QuickLoad was taking a long time to load. It was probably trying to resolve all the broken links, and then eventually it gives up after a certain time, hence the loading delay. The problem is, you don't know that the link is broken, because QuickLoad just shows it blank, but doesn't indicate it is missing or give any error message, but it probably takes time for it to determine that. So, even if you haven't recently moved/updated your library, as was the cause in my case, there could be some links which are broken/corrupted or strange folder permissions, and it will be hard to know just be looking at the contents of QuickLoad.

So, maybe try this: make a copy of your Quickload folder, and move it to another location; then create a new Quickload folder in the original location, and just populate with your subfolders from the old library one sub-folder at a time, each time trying Kontakt to see when it runs slow. That way, you may be able to isolate one or more folders with broken links that you need to update. NOTE: just deleting the entry from within QuickLoad didn't work (at least, not consistently - some would remain, despite having been seemingly deleted in QuickLoad); you have to move/delete the original alias on your computer, otherwise QuickLoad just repopulates based on the stored aliases.

I have a LOT of libraries in QuickLoad, and now that I've sorted out those broken links, it zips along, and now is deserving of it's name again! So, I don't think it matters how many files, at least that wasn't the issue for me.

Hope it works.
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