Sitting On A Yoga Ball ?


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I noticed that while I do get less back pain from the new ikea chair that I bought, I do have more hand pain from neck issues recently. I examined how I sit on that chair and concluded that the lack of back support in the shoulder area that I find subjectively quite comfortable, leads to me having the upper back slightly more reclined and thus the neck is at a more down-looking angle, which triggers my spinal disk issues that I feel in my hands. So I present the hypothesis that while subjectively the ikea chair felt much nicer to sit on, it may be harmful for me neck the way I'm naturally sitting on it. I'll switch back to my old office chair (the more expensive one) to see if the neck gets better. *sigh*

Angle steel. You could probably use aluminum too if it's thick enough, because the vertical side stiffens the whole thing due to... well, a picture is worth 1000 words.
Thanks, that's a great idea! And aluminum should be fairly easy to saw/cut too.

Nick Batzdorf

And aluminum should be fairly easy to saw/cut too
Yes, it's soft - which is why you'd want to use angle aluminum rather than just a bar (which wouldn't work). The vertical side should stop it from bending.

And yes, chairs are tough. I shouldn't have snarked earlier in this thread about sitting in one in the store before buying it, because you're right - like hiking boots, it can take a while before you notice the issues with them.