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Sine player not connecting


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I'm having trouble with sine player loading.
I get the error message; "sine player not connecting to the internet, retry".
This occurs even when I'm browsing the Internet.
I've tried installing all windows updates, removing and re-installing SINE player and still I get the same message.
The software worked fine before the lockdown. The machine sat for 6 months and upon reusing the computer, this now occurs.
What is the problem?


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Well, you’re not the first. Have you tried their help?
If you mean directly contacting Orchestral Tools, yes I left a message but I have received no reply.
If I'm not the first then who else had this issue and where is the thread containing the resolution?


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I think there must be a chat window or something they reply fast to that. On the other hand, when did you mail them? I think they’ll hardly take 48 hours or something, well, if weekends and/or holidays, you can see it can take more.


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i am having an activation issue

i sent a support request

I'd like to pre-order Miroire, but if i can't run Sine - dead

sine fail.JPG


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The REST call isnt getting to the server for some reason - do you have a firewall? Have you changed/upgraded it recently?
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