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Here are a bunch of preludes and fugues (almost all of them) from Bach's Well-tempered Clavier, Book 1, using SS's out-of-the-box classical setting--no amendments--*(I confess) b2 verb, which is sacrilege, of course, esp in JSB.

I'll add the proviso that I don't like what I've done in many instances. The piano sample is great, obviously; just ME, a distinct lack of musical taste, and my sloppy MIDI editing of files I made about 15 years ago (before I had an unfortunate interaction between a skill (make that "kill") saw and my right thumb). Anyhow, some of this stuff works well and some doesn't. A couple of preludes and fugues still use the HZP sample--c major prelude (no. 1); 2nd prelude; and fugues 14 F#- and 18 G#- if memory serves.

Each P & F are hugely different in character, obviously; so you get some sort of view of the sample in different types of music (even though its all BACH).

I may, in due course, switch all the files back to HZP. Not sure. With HZP you have really only 2 or 3 usable layers. Not good. I'll go out on a limb and say that Sam comes across as having a lot more character than the HZP. Interesting, since I think it's the same instrument. For sure, the tuning is totally different. But more important, there seems to be a completely different approach to the type of mics and to their plaement.

The other "stuff" on my SC site (none of which I like very much) uses the HZP and, of course, enormous amounts of B2 verb. Mea Culpa. Sue me.


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Update. Most of Book 1 I've now reverted back to HZP. However, some material is still on Sam (which I continue to think is a fantastic VST). Prelude and Fugue 22, for example: still Sam.

Didn't want to mislead folks.
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Igor Sena

Purchased it and really love the sound. Very inspiring. This probably has a lot to do with space it was recorded in but it still sounds amazing nonetheless.

However like others I have some issues I would like to bring to the devs attention, because I know that sometimes, no matter how professional and passionate we are, because we spend so much time in our creations , we can't see their flaws, this is exceptionally true when it comes to sound(I blame our amazing ears):

Some of the patches distort very easilly, even after going inside kontakt and turning off the limiter as well as other things. I know some patches are supposed to be played very softly and i am doing that. Also my midi keyboards default velocity curve isnt that hard either. dont know if its a problem with the library itself added to the fact that it only has a few velocity layers.
As far as velocity layers go, the library is still useful and amazing, it will definitely be in my template but it would be so much better if even a few more were added.
I dont own Spitfires Hanz Zimmer piano and i heard it has(or had before an update) very few velocity layers as well but i would still love to see it because it would make playbility so much better instead of always getting that "compressed sound" out of it due to only having a few velocity layers.

If these two things could somehow be fixed or at least improved by the dev( don't know how feasible(financially and time wise) it would be for the dev to expand on the amazing work done here by recording a few more velocity layers and improve the patches without messing their amazing tones it definitely would become my top 3 go to along with Noire and Xperimenta Due.

I feel like this is a diamond that just needs a tiny little bit of polish to becomes the best version it could be and it would be a shame if it doesn't. Having said that, for the price it's still one of the best out there if not the best.

Very hopeful for a future update if that is in mind. I would like to encourage everyone to put a little pressure on the dev so he knows the love his instrument is getting and feels responsible for improving those areas. We all know even great products need some fixing and improvement.
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