SHREDDAGE 3 STRATUS - Now available from Impact Soundworks!!!


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Harmonics is a non-latching keyswitch by default (that's why it's yellow, not red), meaning it only activates the Harmonics articulation while you hold the key. After you release the key, it goes back to previously selected articulation.
The harmonics KS latches consistently for me, FWIW, not that I necessarily mind...


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I'm not in any way diminishing the work needed to upgrade S2 guitars. I know it's a lot of time involved, and you should be fully compensated for that. All I'm saying is that if I were ISW, I would do it a little differently. I would not charge my best S2 customers $60 in "pocket change" to allow them to use the upgraded S3 engine with their three S2 purchases while charging other customers only $20 or $40 for their one or two S2 purchases. I would charge a flat fee of, for example, $40 per licensed customer to bring whatever S2 guitars they own over to the new S3 engine.

I understand that way of thinking may be a little confusing, but since we're talking about recouping the cost of labor and not replenishing physical goods, you could set a fixed price for the S2-to-S3 upgrade so that your top S2 customers will not have to pay 2X to 3X more than other S2 customers for the same benefit of using the S3 engine.

That's just my philosophy. But then, I also give my customers 30-days advance notice of upcoming sales, so I'm definitely not your typical developer. :)
In the future, when we release Shreddage 3 series versions of the previous guitars, in other words buying "Shreddage 3 IBZ" if you own "Shreddage 2 IBZ", the current tentative model is that it will cost $20 per guitar upgrade, + the $30 KP serial if you do not already own it from buying Shreddage 3 Stratus.

In other words if you own S2 IBZ and SRP, upgrading them to S3 will cost $40 ($20 each upgrade) + $30 KP serial for the Shreddage 3 engine for a total of $70.

As said before, this is only the tentative pricing model, and we've talked about lowering the per-guitar price a couple times. We want to make it a no-brainer move to upgrade to S3.
For customers who own the entire Shreddage 2 collection (which I bought on VSTBuzz earlier this year), perhaps one half-off loyalty discount should do for the upgrade to S3 - $40.


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Have you changed something in TACT? Is the harmonics keyswitch yellow or red for you? If it's yellow, it should only play harmonics for as long as you play that yellow KS. If it's red, then it should latch until you select another KS.
Hey ED, thanks for taking the time. I checked my TACT page, and all of those articulation KSs came defaulted as latching. No big deal either way - easy to modify. I don't know if you meant to ship that way or not, so just letting you know.

Might it not have been scripting errors I was having before? Whatever the source of the problems before, batch resave (or something) fixed. No weird behavior now.

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Harmonics articulation is definitely NOT Latch enabled by default, from what I can see here. But maybe something changed in the release version (doubt it, though).


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@zircon_st Which of your current (or future upgraded to S3) guitar products do you think is best suited for the "tremolo picked wall of sound blackmetal style"? something along these lines:

So far I only own S2 and I'm getting like ~90% there with the tremolo articulation, and I'm wondering if any of the others or the S3 upgrade to S2 would give me better fine control about the picking speed, without using the single-note articulations that sound too "machnine-gun-ish" when used in this way.
Hi! What are those lacking 10% percent consist of? I’m kinda aiming for the same thing, but haven’t bought the library yet.


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Use your coupons in the Deals section of your account and you’ll get a new Kontakt Player serial for each guitar you upgrade to its Shreddage 3 version. Just did it myself for Jupiter, Rogue and Serpent (and yesterday for Archtop) as I already had Shreddage 3 Stratus.