SHOWREEL - may-august 2018


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If you are looking to get library work, then you could send it to some. But as Alex said you may want to remaster first. The levels are strong at the beginning but then taper way off by the last few songs, it would put off most pro listeners.

If you're hoping for more of a film or game career, take your music and put it to picture. Producers and Directors that hire for media want to see how well your music works with picture, and how good you are at scoring to picture. It can still be short segments or scenes that are cut together, but if it works to picture it will make all the difference. Even if your plan is to do trailers, cutting your music to picture (or picture to your music) will help those hiring see that you can do it and you have a voice that works.

Keep in mind there are very few films that require giant, epic music with a 100 piece choir (although in trailers there is more) so you should have a variety of pieces that showcase your range and give you more work possibilities than Peter Jackson and... that's it. ;)

But seriously, keep updating your showreel with your best pieces first. And don't put the date on it. It seems relevent now but in 6 months producers will pass it by thinking "it's old". Don't give them an excuse not to listen to it. Name it with the styles it contains, not when it was made, so it always seems like the latest thing. Cheers.
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