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Show your most valuable DAW related software-tools!


Hey guys,

I'd like to start this thread with two of my most valuable tools on my DAW-PC:

1. Search Everything (https://www.voidtools.com/) - very fast search tool for any file, very handy to search huge libraries (file based) very fast. Switch off your WIN-index!

2. Procmon (https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb896645.aspx), part of MS Sysinternals

"Process Monitor includes powerful monitoring and filtering capabilities, including:

  • More data captured for operation input and output parameters
  • Non-destructive filters allow you to set filters without losing data
  • Capture of thread stacks for each operation make it possible in many cases to identify the root cause of an operation
  • Reliable capture of process details, including image path, command line, user and session ID"
  • .....
  • and much more
Very helpful especially when launching of a specific app fails: search for failing dll's, missing files, even registry entries used by the app.

Show yours!

Kind regards,


Perpetual Novice
For file management in Windows (I don't think there is a Mac version), Multi Commander, http://multicommander.com/. Does things Windows Explorer can't -- for free.

For backing up large drives full of sample libraries and the like, Second Copy, http://www.secondcopy.com. This is also Windows only, as far as I know. The usual model (full plus repeated incremental backups) takes too much disk space, and requires using the backup program to restore. Second Copy backups are easily accessible from your file manager. Costs about 30 US$.


Allway Sync

Its a free file sync tool that lets you mirror multiple folders over different drives, or even mirror entire drives.
Its free, and its " set it and forget it".
Ive used it for a few years now. Never had a single issue. No malware, no nasties, no hassles, and you won't even know its running. Dont take chances with your data getting lost or corrupted.

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