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Lovely setup! What is that desk and keyboard stand and how did get such perfect height and width alignment? It’s so perfect.
Thank you!
It’s all IKEA^^ It‘s an Ikea-kitchen-table and the riser are two Ikea-racks where I mounted some stands. Nothing fancy, just nice light xD The adjustable Keyboard-stand is from musicstore cologne:

Emmanuel Rousseau

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Nice! So you're using the Wacom instead of a mouse? How long have you been doing this and how do you find it?
Thank you ! I've been using a Wacom since 2015 or 2016, and never looked back. No wrist pain and all the buttons, sliders and radial menus make it a workflow heaven. It is super fast. With this and the Streamdeck, I barely touch the keyboard as well :)
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This looks good.
Some acoustic treatment and a real leslie!
Saw the last one quiet some time ago 👍


Nice desk, seems the tray is just big enough for all 88 keys out there?
Yes, but I did reduce the height of the tray area to make it more comfortable for legs underneath. So, not all keyboards will fit in that dimension. I currently use the SL88 Grand and it fits perfectly. The Nords will also fit well.


Thanks !
It is this one I would love. This week, I will be able to compare the Grand and the Studio versions
to see which one i'll buy. I think the Grand will be the closest to my former Kawai CA piano.
The NI88 did not feel as good to my taste, but I already mentioned that here, somewhere.


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I´ve tried to simplify things, and go for the most essential elements. As Im only doing this for fun and as counter weight to my work as copywriter I can adjust it to my kind of "Slowfood" view of creating music. Along with this setup there is a wall of guitars and amplifiers in the same well isolated studio room. View attachment 33446
Top Notch!


Any ideas how I can have two side monitors while not destroying my stereo image?
Maybe when shifting the speakers downwards? Or does tilting the side monitors, so they're not standing at 90° with the desk already do enough?
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