Should You Upgrade? Spitfire Audio's FREE BBC SO Discover TO CORE


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Over the last couple of weeks, one of the most common questions I have received is: Should I Upgrade from Spitfire Audio's FREE BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover to the BBC SO CORE?

Like so many questions I get there isn't a simple answer. It all depends on what level you're working at, what you are creating, and what your needs are as a music maker.

In this video I try to break down the differences between the FREE (or $49) BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover and BBC Symphony Orchestra CORE sharing instrument differences between with 2 mock-ups using the libraries and final thoughts on who will benefit from the upgrade as well as who I think will just not need to upgrade.
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BBC SO DISCOVER sells for $49 OR FREE from Spitfire Audio: BBC SO CORE normally sells for $449 from Spitfire Audio: