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Should I upgrade from VE Pro 5 to 6?


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Hi all,
I'm contemplating upgrading my VE Pro from 5 to 6. Time+Space happens to have a pretty good upgrade price right now - $78 (though it ends in only a few hours!). It sounds like version 6 allows for better organization, more customizing, and more efficient usage. I'm just wary of upgrading something that might still be buggy.

Here's my setup: Macbook Pro with 16 GB ram, Mac OS Sierra (10.12.6) with Digital Performer 9.51. Slave machine is a PC with Windows 7 Pro, 32 GB ram, and VE Pro 5.4. VE Pro works quite well here -- no problems with crashes. Multiple instances of it can get quite clunky to deal with, though.

What would you recommend?


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It's faster to work with, looks better, easier to organize... you'll never wish to go back. And it has VST on Mac too. I find that very handy because it's possible to configure VEPro6 templates on Mac and transfer it to PC (if the same libraries are installed on both).
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