Should I exchange my new mk2 for sl88?


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I just bought a mk2 not realizing that the sl88 has one notch better of a keyboard. As a very advanced player, I feel like I didn't do enough research before choosing the mk2 over the sl88. I also am not so enchanted by the mk2's integration anymore. Quite honestly I'm not sure whether I'd ever use it for serious composition.

Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy the mk2's feel, and probably will wind up using the integration for some things. I'm just wondering if I made the best choice for me. For those who have played both, is the sl88's feel better enough to warrant going through the trouble to exchange? I'd like your opinions.
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One notch better? I love my S88 key bed (last generation MKI version, but feels the same to me as the MKII). It really comes down to whatever YOU feel is best, you're the one using it.