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Short mega-disturbing film I scored! Irreparable

Studio E

Studio E

Eric Watkins
Great tension build! What was that riser at the end? UIST? It sound familiar but I can't place it
Thanks Richard! There is some UIST in there for sure, in a few places. I'm not sure but I think the riser was a combination of things. I really appreciate you taking the time to listen.


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Congrats on the score. I'm a filmmaker who also composes on the side, and also currently the director of a short film festival (shameless plug which nobody is probably interested in: http://www.oxisff.co.uk/) - so this post is very much my kind of thing right now!

I'm watching hundreds of short films at the moment - so I thought I'd offer a little feedback (as this is what I'm doing day to day on submissions). I really like this, very well shot - the score and tone are very effective. I love the fact there is almost no dialogue. What could be improved? I think it could be a little tighter in the edit (not too much - but a bit), and arguably - there is too much score in the film (although that does make the silent credits more effective). Well done, I hope the film does well and I'd love to see some other short films which people on this board have worked on.
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