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Short duet featuring Tina Guo legato cello and Piano in Blue


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Just picked up these two libs from Cinesamples last week. Was inspired to write "to the samples." Though not written for a film, this is sort of my imagination of what film music is (it's also pretty romantic).

Would love feedback 'bout the piece and the mockup.

I used those two libs. I composed in Finale and exported a midi file, which I then edited extensively in Logic. One reverb (to slightly varying degrees) on both instruments (LiquidSonic's reverberate), and only the slightest bit of EQ (I noticed the instruments were fighting one another around 225hz, so I carved a little space for each of them - only about a 2db cut in each case (at different frequencies, of course).

I love the legato cello - there are only a couple of moments here that I feel don't work so well (all involve faster motion). I have, of course, by no means mastered the instrument. It's quite simple, but there's also no instruction manual, so I'm feeling my way as I can!

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