Shine - a synth/epic track and introducing myself


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Hi everyone, this is my first post here on VI control. I thought I could introduce myself and share a new track that I've made for an upcoming game. The track is already finalized so I probably won't change it, but any feedback is still welcome and I can keep it in mind for better perspective I'm the future.

Life is busy over here, but I hope I can find time occasionally to add my thoughts to some topics around here. Cheers!



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Nice track and without a doubt this works well ingame. Nice hybrid approach and works well and you used Jaeger for the orchestral parts if I might guess? It has a nice strong sound and what synth tools you used? I really like the build that starts around 5 minutes.
Thanks for sharing and of course a warm welcome!


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Orchestral parts are actually not Jaeger, though I am interested in that library, I only have the voice Hangar 4 part. But some of the voice is from Jaeger.

Orchestra is a mix of EW Hollywood Orchestra and Metropolis Ark 1. The short string parts might also have a layer of OT solo strings, I can't remember for this song specifically, but I definitely have made it a regular technique I use for shorts lately.


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nice steady build of energy. it all sounded quite cinematic and epic at 4.40 ..i would have made the voices more effected and dirty maybe abit more 'distant' to start then gradually had them more 'forward' and cleaner later on and probably had the arps doing more crazy things towards the end to go with the thundering drums and then huge drop. but thats just me indulging my taste for cliches, i suppose when you're doing it to a brief u have to stick to it.