Shepard Tone Maker (Free) *Update*

Anders Bru

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I wanted to share a fun, little effect I made that turns any sound into a shepard tone.
Simply hold down a note, hit "Start", keep holding for 2 seconds and it's done (you don't have to keep holding the note anymore). Add a good doze of reverb and experiment with lots of sounds! Render an empty midi clip or resample to a new audio track to get it to audio. Hit "Start" again to stop the tone.
Update: I've done some changes on the interface and added a button for changing the direction of the tone, as well as a knob for adjusting the range.

1. This plugin requires CSound installed to run. CSound is the programming language that this effect was coded in. Download link, should be a quick and easy installation. You can read more about CSound here and here if you're curious.

2. Download the effect here. Just hit the green download-button and "Download Zip".

3. Unzip and move the version you want to the corresponding folder.
For Mac this is usually:
For Windows this is usually:
C:\Program Files\VSTPlugins

Windows users make sure all three files are in the same folder.


Here is a quick demonstration with a couple of different sounds.

Feel free to use it however you like, and let me know if there's any bugs or features you want added! :2thumbs:
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Maybe I don't understand where to install these, but neither the AU nor the VST is working for me either. Logic says that the AU is incompatible.

Anders Bru

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I can't get it to work in Logic Either, what a shame, it seems fun :)
I'm not sure why Logic isn't able to open it. Unfortunately I'm not very tech-savvy, just had an idea for an effect and tried my best making it work. Can someone confirm that it works on their system?