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Shared String Ensemble Session - 24 July 2018


Clockwork Sessions
Clockwork Sessions is offering the unique opportunity to record with some of the U.K’s finest musicians, engineers and producers.

String Quartet:
  • 2 violins
  • 1 viola
  • 1 cello
  • Bass also available (at extra cost)
The Price:

£10 per min of actual recording time.

This includes our full service of score preparation, MIDI conversion to scores, studio hire, production, high quality file delivery, editing and a fast, professional turnaround.
Options for additional players plus mixing and mastering

Every score is different, but we recommend an average of 10 min recording time to record 1 min of written material for scores of moderate complexity. Get in touch to discuss your score, or feel free to submit it. Join our mailing list to become part of our network of composers.

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