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Shamanka - Ogoy, my latest piece and an Emergence Audio Quantum official demo

Tatiana Gordeeva

Senior Member
Recently I was offered the opportunity to try Emergence Audio's latest family of products, including Quantum. I found their ethereal sounds very inspiring and decided to use them in my latest project, an ambient suite called Shamanka.

(the female shaman) is set in the Lake Baikal area of Russia, a very mysterious and spiritual region, full of legends told and re-told by generations of local tribes such as the Buryats.

My cinematic suite goes from island to island on this formidable frozen lake, the largest and deepest in the world, created by drifting tectonic plates, trying to convey the powerful atmosphere and the mystery of these incredible locations.

Our first stop will be Ogoy, a small island in the Maloe More strait, harboring a minuscule Buddhist Stupa (temple) dedicated to Dakini, the female spirit.



Reid Rosefelt

aka Tiger the Frog
One of the things I like best about your music is that it is truly cinematic, and not in the sense of the term that is so often used (trailer music).

When I hear your stuff I start imagining a scene in a movie. And you are skilled at setting the stage, so that it feels like a story.

It's very true of this. Below is another good example. (apologies for putting in a non-Emergence Audio thing in this thread)

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