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SFX Suite Libraries


Do you guys have any recommendations for good sfx "suite" sort of libraries that have all the following cinematic style of effects: risers, downers, hits, whooshes, booms, etc.

I would like all of those effects in one package with nice tweaking capability in the engine to make unique stuff out of them.

I know mainly these libraries that could fit that:

- Heavyocity Gravity
- Keepforest libraries

Note: I'm not interested in the smaller packs like for example what Audio Imperia have (all their various SFX libraries). I want mainly *one* big SFX library that has a good amount of sounds and tweakability.


Dont Boom mostly have very specialised libraries? To get the most out of them I assume I'd have to buy several of them.
Yes, but their sound quality are top notch. Well organized, cover almost all situations. Very well designed. They make other companies look like amateurs.


Yes, but their sound quality are top notch. Well organized, cover almost all situations. Very well designed. They make other companies look like amateurs.
I see, good to know. I will look elsewhere though as I prefer the approach of something like the libraries I mentioned.


Other options are
Soundmorph, cinetools, Zero-g. But their libraries are not as good. Many useless variations, and difficult to find your solution. If any.

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Boom has very good stuff. I would say they have the cleanest audio of all companies. But I would say some of Cinetools sfx libraries are quite good as well. You just have to be a bit pickier as some of their libraries aren't that great.

The only complaint I have with Boom is how they organize their files. In many of their libraries they have many variations in one file. This means I end up having to import the entire file into my project and chop it up manually.

I understand why they do it, because otherwise there would be, well... 4+ times the number of files in every library. But it just ends up making more work and more to keep track of on my end. Sometimes there's one variation of a hit or woosh I like better than the others, and it would be nice if they were separated so I could tag it as a favorite without having to create a new audio file and take up more room on my hd.


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You can check Native Instruments Rise and Hit, Sample Logic Trailer Xpressions libraries, and many others. The market is flooded with this type of libraries.


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I tend to think of collections of foley sound effects in WAV format, like most of Boom library, as being a different thing to Kontakt instruments consisting of sound design patches of wooshes, risers, braams, impacts etc for hybrid scoring. That's not to say that foley sounds can't be used as a very good starting point for this kind of sound design, just that stuff like Gravity and Keepforest is more geared towards music production.

As for the original question, the libraries you've mentioned from Heavyocity, Keepforest and Audio Imperia are some of the best. Hybrid Two (Project Alpha, Project Bravo and Project Chaos) is another company worth checking out


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Any thoughts on UVI Meteor?
I have Meteor and like it. There is a reasonable variety of effects. None of it is especially hyped, which I like. If you e.g. want wild-and-crazy slams, Meteor is not your best choice.


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Atlantica and Project Chaos are my favorites. Both for different reasons. Atlantica is very quickly usable while PC is very deep.

Others mentioned are great too!
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