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Well there is the offer of a library that you are not allowed to resell (I am sure you didnt know about it first). But with this "pm me to know what I sell at all" - approach it feels quite much like you now would try to avoid similar situations by hiding it from public because (at least I do assume this) you are not sure if you are even allowed to resell the other stuff, too.

Long story short: Most developers do not allow resales because you dont own the rights to do that - you just get a license of use directly from the developer which you cant transfer.

Which companies do allow resales and which dont can be found in this list:

So if you should offer something you are not allowed to (no matter if you do know that or not - the law doesnt care here!) it would be an illegal action. It is not just your risk but also a risk for the customer. Personally I would be careful. Its just not worth the trouble.
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