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Seeking help using Zone Matrix in Logic Pro X with Kontakt


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Hi friends, a few days ago I bought Zone Matrix which I really like as it gives Kontakt even more features, particularly with regard to creating layered sounds. What I am struggling with is using 3rd party sounds, which is one of the reasons I bought the software in the first place. I've tried lot of things such as in Kontakt going to the engine tab and making sure both incoming CC's and incoming notes are selected. I've been in touch with Hagai Davidoff, I understand he makes the software, he has done his best to help me resolve this, but he doesn't use Logic, he suggested I tried this forum. I hope somebody can please help me resolve this, I think there is something I'm missing, just not sure what it is at the moment. My set-up iMac 2015 OS Mojave 10.14.6, Logic Pro X 10.5.1, Kontakt 6.5.2. Take care everyone, stay safe, best wishes Terry


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Hey Guys,

Since I don't own a mac/logic, I cannot tackle this personally, so I will really appreciate some logic users advice .:emoji_rose:

I had a correspondence with a logical friend who explained that this is the correct procedure to follow but Terry reports otherwise...
So If there's a Logic user who owns ZoneMatrix among the crowd that can verify the following procedure that would be great!

Setting up Kontakt
1. Click Kontakt’s Option button and select the Engine tab:

2. From the “Send MIDI to outside world” dropdown menu, tick the “incoming CC’s” and “incoming notes” options:

3. Double click an empty space on Kontakt’s multi rack to create an empty instrument.
Repeat this process for every Zone you want to send to your DAW:

Setting up Logic
1. Create an instrument track for each Zone and set its MIDI input to receive Kontakt’s MIDI output.

2. Click on the MIDI FX menu:
1 - Open MIDI FX.PNG

3. Select "Scripter":
2 - Select Scripter.PNG

4. Select the "Channel Filter" preset:
3 - Select Channel Filter.PNG

5. Set the "Pass Only Channel" to the MIDI channel that corresponds to the desired Zone:
4 - Set the Pass only Channel.PNG

6. Play the Kontakt instrument track that contains ZoneMatrix.

That should do it, unless I'm missing a step?

Your help is very much appreciated!
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