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Seeking for Broadway/Disney Style Male Vocalists for two Numbers (Live Orchestra Projects)


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We plan to touch 'Broadway grounds' for the first time, for two different song. What we are missing is a male vocalist.

The style of the first song is a jazzy showtune, very much into the direction of Aladdin's "Friend like Me", but more emphased. So we'd need a charming male voice in tenor range. Big parts are sung, but we'll also need you to drop some spoken phrases. The orchestration is rather unusual, with a small 10 piece Jazz band (4 winds), which we'll record live. Orchestration is ready, lyrics, demo vox (with my own vocals) as well, so we are just looking out for the right singer.

The second song's genre is quite hard to define, but in generaly is more into the direction of pop opera. It's a quite dramatic song, orchestrated in a very hollywood-esque style. Think Robby Williams' "I will talk and Hollywood will Listen", or the symphonic renditions of "Sunset Boulevard", or "West-Side Story". The range should be tenor as well, but we'll certainly need some smooth vibrato here. For this one we have a vox demo as well, and the orchestration and lyrics are finished. We plan to record this with a huge full orchestra, most likely in Prague or Budapest, but haven't yet as we might transpose it, so it fits perfectly to the singers range.

If you think you have all what it takes for the first and/or the second entry let us know! :) Samples of previous productions, or demos of yours would be much obliged.

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