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Seeking civil-war-era piano sounds, some good and one terrible


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hello— i am on the hunt for virtual piano sounds for a few different pianos that might exist in new england during the civil war. but the catch is that I need them to sound the way they would have sounded *during* the civil war. so, at the time when we are hearing them, they are fairly new (with one exception, explained below). (i am writing and recording some incidental solo piano music for a play adaptation of Little Women.)

i need to represent (1) a piano owned by a very wealthy family, (2) a perhaps-new piano gifted to a poor family (it could be the same as the first one but with some tweaks to differentiate it), and (3) a desperately horrific old piano owned by the poor family, perhaps even comically beyond repair.

I’m doing some research of my own, but I thought I should drop by here too, since you’re the experts!

Many thanks!


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I'm wondering if you should look at Pianoteq pianos. The aren't sampled, so you will get the new sound on an old pianos. The other great thing is they have a worn slider. The more worn you make it, the more out of tune and funky it sounds.


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Thanks, all! So helpful. Been wrestling for a couple days about whether to plunk down the money on Pianoteq or on Kontakt, but, knowing me, it'll probably be both. I guess since it's a holiday weekend i was hoping there would be sales but oh well! Thank you again— much appreciated.


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Great find! As a person who is trying to learn about tracking down kontakt 3rd-party libraries for the first time, may i ask what search you did in order to track this down? Thanks!
I can't remember how I found it..I've been going there for a couple of years, they have very discounted deals every week or so..Here is a quick (partial) list....

rekkerd.org (updates a couple of times a day, points out many deals)
kontakthub.com (has a lot of indie developers)

..and many more!
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