Searching for a good reference track in direction of Ambient(rock), Chill, Soundtrack..


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while I am trying to improve my mixing and mastering capabilities I realized that in the new version of my mastering software TRackS there is the option to use a reference track.

My music (as a simple hobby musician with not much time for it) does not fit really in any category, influences coming from the time where I used to play music in "reallife" (blues, rock, irish folk) mix with electronic music that will mostly fit into a mix of ambience, relaxing, chill, meditation, "soundscapish". So acoustic drums and bass, flute, violin/fiddle mix with pads, rhythmic pulses, sometimes good old electric guitar....

Cause of spare time I must admit I am nearly total out of hearing actual music so I am just in need of a good reference track demonstrating whats possible for this kind of music and how it sounds 2018.

I think I wont mostly use it to try to "copy" this threw the software but more to hear what it does and how it "should" sound today.

Any help really appreciated.


I'm in the same boat with looking for reference tracks that are a mix of EZDrummer drums, my real bass, strings, orchestral and synth stuff. I'll post any that I find.


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Not exactly the style but mixwise rather similar are groups like Fourplay, Steely Dan (Donald Fagen), Pat Metheny Group... all have very good sounding studio recordings.


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Saxer: thanks for the answer, Fourplay was new to me, sounds interesting on first look. Problem with something like Steely Dan: really old stuff, I was looking for something more "2018" with electronic music influences and using actual mixing/mastering technologies. And of course would be great if someone could post a link to something "officially" accesible.