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Scoring Synths sliced open, plus lots more... Samplecast #69 is live


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It's been another hugely busy week over at Samplecast HQ. This week I've been producing videos for Red Room Audio, Kirk Hunter and a few other companies that I can't talk about just yet.

I was really looking forward to trying out Audio Ollie's Scoring Synths for this week's big review but ended up having mixed thoughts about it overall. He's currently running a rather nice scoring competition for owners of the library so do check that out.

In other news, next week's show will be the final one in this season as I'll be taking a little break to recharge my batteries. With 70 shows it's a great time to catch up on any that you've missed. I promise they're all entertaining (well, most of them). Download the podcast for the extended show with more tracks, information and chat.

Featured this week:

SAGA Acoustic Trailer Percussion – Red Room Audio
Century Harps – 8DIO
Dronar : Metal & Glass – Gothic Instruments
Front Row Violins – Kirk Hunter Studios
Scoring Synths Contest – Audio Ollie
70% OFF Klavier Piano Bundle – Audio Imperia
50% OFF Sampletraxx – Use code SRPING18
50% OFF Garritan products
FREE Mini Analogue Collection – Bedroom Producers Blog
Scoring Synths – Audio Ollie
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