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Hi Everyone,

We're excited to show you our new library, Saxophone Explorations, for Kontakt Player. Currently 20% off until June 4th!

Featuring abstract and aleatoric Saxophone textures combined with a custom Modular Rig performed by virtuoso saxophonist and artist, Jay Reynolds.

Hope you like it!

Louis & Tomas



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To add to my ever growing sax sample collection / fascination / mental illness (Xsample Contemporary Sax, Have Instruments Sax Fury, all 8Dio saxes, Sound Dust Saxomaphonium and coming monday SA Sax Colossus). Lovely and unique approach @Sonixinema - and thanks again for helping me get a good overview of the particular strenghts of your take on the instrument. Much appreciated. Now, off I go for a more elaborate test drive.
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