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Saving multi-track presets with routed ouput?


Is there a way in Cubase 10 to save multi-tracks with a routed output.

What I´m looking for is that I three tracks (highlighted in the picture) which I want to go into a group track -> "Brass Stab" (also highlighted) and then go to stereo output, but I want to save as a preset the whole Brass Stab" group with all its inserts, outputs, inputs and if possible even sends/fxs.

Searching the interent I found a few old posts saying that some poeple have exported all the tracks as xml file and they imported in different project. That was for older versions of Cubase. Maybe there is not a way yet.
As I´m fairly new to Cubase I just can´t believe it´s not possible since Logic has that feature for a while now.

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