Saving a library with purged samples?


Hi Everyone,
Quick question:

I have a single shots library and for faster loading I thought it might be a good idea
to save the library with all its samples purged. (Bad idea?)

Now the issue is when a sample is triggered nothing is heard until the key is pressed again. I assume the first time round its loading the sample.

Is there a way to load the sample on demand without having to press a key twice?


So I did some tests and this only happens on the first load of the instrument.
Once the sample has loaded once then manually purged and then triggered from its purged state, it play instantly.

maybe theres a workaround? :s
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Nope, there's always a possibility of just flat out not playing the sample the first time around when it's purged. I would suggest not saving the library with everything purged.


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Not sure "work-around" is the correct term, but it is easy enough to get past this.

The whole purpose of saving a purged instrument is to reduce the footprint/loadtime/whatever. That means the samples will not be sitting there awaiting your command.

From my experience, and maybe I haven't pushed things hard enough, playing through the part once is enough to load the required samples.

I am working my way towards an "always ready" Kontakt/VEPro server, but it is still a work in progress. I don't expect that I will use fully purged instruments once that is ready.