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I just want to chime in and also say I really appreciated your reviews Christopher, particularly because they were honest assessments rather than simply another advertising avenue. I do hope to see you back up again soon, but understand if you don't.

That people would go so far as to threaten you and your wife over a sample library review is insane. I hope you do report that to the police, these people should be charged.

I agree with others that you should disable the youtube comments, and speak to people at VI Control - at least we have moderators here. Youtube on the other hand is the Wild West, they allow all sorts of comments to sit there unmoderated including white supremacy etc.
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I'd just like to share my support with others here for @The Darris - personal attacks of this nature are totally unacceptable. I hope a short break lends some perspective (this is essentially just one idiot ruining it for all of us), but in the meantime please report the incident(s) to the proper authorities. I'd hate to see them potentially doing this to others or other communities. Like others I'll miss your videos, but I totally understand and respect your decision - whatever you ultimate decide.


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Is there any way the people who sabotaged Chris' site could be reported and banned? I also liked the reviews and found them valuable. This sucks.
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