Sampler formats - formats and cross- sampler compatibilities?


Noob in frenzy loop
Hello. I got a fairly big question.

Does anyone have a table of sampler formats or anything like that where you can see the compatibility of import / export to and from different sampler formats?

Like EXS24 can be imported into Kontakt, Halion, into SFZ (some of the hundreds of apps) and so on.

I know that Kontakt and EXS24 can be imported in certain other samplers, but which ones and what versions?

Top-line question: UVI engine is used in a few samplers, namely (the ones I know of) UVI Falcon and Motu MachFive. Is it possible to make an instrument in one of these and read it on all others? (a format like .exs or .nki or alike) I would like to support all on a new instrument.