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Samplecast #55 now live - with RP Verb 2 review and much more


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Hey Controllers...

Sorry about the lack of a "proper" show last week. I simply didn't have the time to put it together. I hope you enjoyed the newsletter as a replacement. This week it's back to normality with an extra-long show. This has been one of my favourite episodes to put together, with a wide variety of news, bargains, freebies, updates and a focus on a new developer who I just love.

This week's podcast has more info - and also features full sample library demos and much more chat. Subscribe on: iTunes | Android| RSS

Reuben xx

Featured this week:

Sculptor : Epic Drops – Gothic Instruments
Eon – Cinetools
Strikeforce Cinematic Percussion – Laboratory Audio
Cinematic Studio Solo Strings – Cinematic Strings
Trailer Guitars 2 – Audio Imperia
81% OFF Shreddage Bundle -Impact Soundworks
60% OFF Textures & Traveler Aurus – Audio Imperia
Student discounts & Scoring Bundle – Vienna Instruments
50% OFF Resona & Mountains – Sound Aesthetics Sampling
Best Percussion Libraries for Trailer Music – Grant Borland
FREE TDR Kotelnikov – Tokyo Dawn Records
RP Verb 2 – Rob Papen
Vintage Vault 2 – UVI
VSCO 2 Pro Version 2.6 – Versilian Studios
New Collection – MKVI Audio


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Thanks again for the feature Reuben. Keep up the great work!
Absolute pleasure - I only just came across your company and loved the demos so I'm very happy to feature you guys on the show.
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