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Sample Library Review Seeks Dedicated Contributors


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Over the last 3 years, I have been hosting Sample Library Review attempting to make the website more helpful and useful for readers.

I am pleased to say that the site keeps growing and we have more software submissions for review than we can keep up with. We also have so many ideas for helpful articles and roundups that we do not currently have the bandwidth to create.

We are seeking music creators with strong English writing skills who have a passion for music technology for contract assignment work.

These are "work for hire" positions. Sample Library Review Editors would supply software and assign contributors with creating written reviews and articles.

No one is getting rich from SLR but we strongly believe in compensating our contributors with payments for each assignment.

There is the opportunity for growth into video reviews of music software and SLR would cover additional costs (screen capture software licenses, etc) if the right candidate appears.

Please email with
1. Name
2. Music Software Experience
3. Links to any previous review examples

to SampleLibraryReview (at) Gmail (dot) com

And we will get back to you asap.

Thanks for reading!
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