Sample Developers Appreciation Thread


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Maybe it's just me, but I don't think only Spitfire (and this is no hit against them—they deserve praise as well) should be singled out for appreciation. There are a ton of developers, both big and small, who work their butts off to create the tools we need to make our music.

Thank you to all of you for enriching my life. Especially you smaller, scrappy developers who have to work even harder to compete with the big fish.

Tell us who you appreciate.

I'll start by saying that Audio Modeling has made my life so much easier with their amazing string libraries.
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8Dio gets a lot of shit here. But I appreciate their products and find myself gravitating toward their stuff often. I've recently come to appreciate Audiobro, Spitfire, Auddict, Puremagnetik, Orchestral Tools, Strezov and a bunch of other developers that offer similar conceptual products, but with such varied character and execution that cycling through them is like working with different musicians in the studio. So many options to inspire creativity.

Jimmy Hellfire

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Very impressed with Alex Wallbank & Cinematic Studio Series. No big talk, no frills, no nothing - just incredibly solid releases with incredibly fair pricing.

Despite the recent heat and skepticism, still a fan of VSL. When their stuff works, it just works so well, it's extremely reliable and I always keep coming back to their libraries for their really natural, realistic sound, free of cheese and cheap pomp.

Then there's Spitfire, but that's not allowed in this thread. :P

Some of my other faves are Eduardo Tarilonte's period and ethnic libraries. It's just so useful and inspiring to have this whole palette of interesting sounds at one's disposal.


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Orchestral Tools changed my musical life.
Sounds, functionnalities, ...
Fantastic !
And i add the Ethera vocals by Stefano M . Excellent.
But really, OT is The Best for me.
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Another vote for 8dio - I find their percussion libraries some of the best.

Orchestral Tools are probably my favourite developer right now. Inspire 1, 2 and Ark 1, 2 are my main libraries. I'm looking forward to when they allow purchases of individual patches.

Also Best Service (Harmonic Subtones), I'm in love with the Emotional Cello and Violin.


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8dio has been great to me. Customer service is always good.

I also have had really great experiences with ISW, Soundiron, Orange Tree Samples, Embertone and Toontrack. I'm sure there are more, but I'm blanking right now. They all make great products and I really haven't been disappointed with any of it.


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I love everything I've bought from 8Dio.
There's many developers worth mentioning, but I agree with 8Dio. I had great experiences with customer service, especially recently. I received many free products to complete bundles that were on sale, since I had already paid more for parts of the bundles.

Michel Simons

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Nice thread, Rob. For me it's too many to mention. Maybe it's because I have almost never been disappointed by a developer, great or small. Only by my own inability to put their products to good use.