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SAD NEWS @Brainworks


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Have bx_ console Focusrite SC & bx_console SSL 400 E. Senior ears not picking up relevant differences, so not likely with bx_console N ? May just buy as starter to help with flooding disaster.
Likely similar personal results with SSL 9000 J ? 🤷🏻

Tough as not very many bx_ libs missing from toolbox now.
Maybe bx_limiter True Peak ?
bx_console AMEK 9099 not displaying any 'add to Cart' option.
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Definitely sad to hear what everyone is going through over there.

Does anyone have any experience with the plugin they on special vs the 9000 J? Would love to hear some input! Thx!


It’s tragic how devastating this storm was for people in Europe. Of course I wish the Brainworx Team and everyone affected by this horrible weather the best of luck with their full and total recovery.
I suspect if they put something a bit newer on sale that lots of people haven’t bought yet would probably be a good move (*hint*).
I nominate BIG AL for $29! 👍


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I’ve been using Dirks DSP versions of his plugs for 18 years.
Sad to hear about this as those floods were sudden and did lots of damage.

Mono Maker and a good 3 way stage monitor system is the epitome of hardware and software creating the best sound.

Hopefully well insured.


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Anyone pick up the Console N during this sale and like it? I've read that it's subtle but some people claim they can hear at least $29 worth of specialness. Still, I have the advanced Ozones and Neutrons... and at this point 2% difference isn't going to help music that needs to sound 40% better Lol.
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