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SA Installation issue: What are NKC files?

I've been advised by Spitfire Audio tech support that to solve my installation issues with Contemporary Drama Toolkit, I should go into Samples and delete all NKC files, leaving the NKR & NKX files alone.
I absolutely trust SA's techs, but I am a little nervous about committing a fatal error. Does anyone know what the NKC files' function might be? If the program will run without them, why do they appear in the first place?
Disclaimer: This is in no way intended to question SA's experts' advice (they have exercised extraordinary patience as I/we try to sort out the issue).
Any help?


As far as I know, NKC are Native Kontact Cache files. They store some information about the Kontakt instrument loaded but they're not essential to let the library work. It's like the normal cache memory on your computer. They can speed up the loading time of an instrument. If you don't feel safe completely erase it, transfer the NKC files into a new dedicated folder and reload the instrument to see if the trick works or not.
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