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SA BHCT shenanigans (all members)

James H

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What the heck, this was done to the original Verigo movie trailer so it might not come across well. My first attempt at strings and music to video... as you can probably tell.

I left the last bit in to scare my 71 year old mother (and it worked). Thankfully she's still with us!

Nice one, I enjoyed it and it fit the movie premise. This is the kind of music that doesn't get old.
The BHCT really is a wonderful toy, I mean tool. It's capable of many different things but it really does excel at doing classic film score sound.

Anyone else brave enough to come out and play?
James, do you wanna say comps should be a majority BHCT, but if the piece needs a little "something" here and there we won't be mean? Since you were nice enough to open up your thread, I think it's only polite to let you call the game.
I'm happy either way.
By the way lurkers, if you don't have this library it's good and fun. And today's the last day of the sale.
I'm gonna sign off for now. Time for the day gig.


Thanks, enjoyed the challenge of a non-Bernie Classic sound.
James H

James H

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Sounds good, spicing up comps with other products is fine. As long as the main theme uses BHCT we won't send in the heavy crew.
Look forward to hearing peoples posts!
James H

James H

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Here's something I did last year for a radio show. It's 90% BHCT if I remember correctly- the guitar is real, the other set of bongos is from Impact Soundworks and the Theremin is from SoundIron.
Theremin is the icing on the cake!
That was great. I felt like I should get out my bell bottoms and platform shoes and chase aliens.
Somewhere in the future approx. 1983. All while hanging out with groovy people.


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I really love this thread and have been keeping my eye out for more compositions done with this library to see what other people can do with it. For this occation especially I spent my Sunday composing this piece using only the Bernard Herrmann Composer Toolkit, Not even other plugins were used. I used everything the way it came out of the box, except for a little bit of adjusting volume sliders here and there.
Please feeback to your heart's content...
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