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Ryzen 3000 Vs I9 9900K for music production


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AMD is just not the typical x86 design.
Not sure how gaming differs from audio but I’m reading several different reviewers everyday because to more tests the better.

But with Ryzen CPUs it seems faster DRAM makes a difference, and turning of SMT increases performance too.

A fascinating design. I can’t stop reading about all of these revelations.


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But with Ryzen CPUs it seems faster DRAM makes a difference, and turning of SMT increases performance too.
It depends on the application...
From https://www.techpowerup.com/review/amd-ryzen-9-3900x-smt-off-vs-intel-9900k/9.html
There's a second, major part of this review with the non-gaming applications. Here, the loss of SMT is way more pronounced, particularly with applications that scale well in a multi-threaded environment. WPrime posts a massive 31 percent performance loss, which is roughly 1/3rd the processor's performance. Can you imagine that an intangible feature such as SMT could make such a huge performance contribution? Cinebench R20 multi-threaded also sheds 21 percent (over 1/5th) of its performance.

There are similar performance losses in our rendering tests with SMT disabled. Performance drops roughly 31 percent with Blender and Keyshot and 27 percent with Corona. With SMT-off, the 3900X falls behind both the 3700X and i9-9900K at Tensorflow AI tests. 7-Zip decompression tests show a gargantuan 39 percent performance loss. Media-encoding sprung a surprise with only a 3 percent performance loss seen with H.265 encoding. The H.264 encoder posts a 20 percent loss, though."


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Definitely a mixed bag, anxious to see what it does with core locked synths.
Not that I need any departure from my happy rigs, just curious as it’s such an odd x86.
We’re so use to more, more, more being the answer to everything.


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A fascinating design. I can’t stop reading about all of these revelations.
AMD is certainly piloting some unique processes to eek out every bit of performance they can. This is necessary for AMD to do partly due to the fact that the Intel Architecture is still in some ways superior and therefore doesn't necessarily need the constant monitoring that AMD employs to ensure the clocks and voltages etc... are boosting themselves when needed (much different than Intel's Turbo Boost). Intel's Ring bus is an example of what I perceive to be a superior architecture for core to core communication, although as memory prices come down and speeds get better AMD's architecture (infinity fabric) might prove to be better in the long run. Imagine if Intel took the same amount of care and detail to do the kind of process monitoring on top of its excellent architecture that AMD does, then they wouldn't be in such a rough spot right now with AMD encroaching on their performance. I suppose it could be argued that focusing on bettering the architecture itself is better than trying to boost performance through "programming techniques" for lack of a better term. However, AMD is trying to do both, which I think is the best approach. Then again, that's not quite fair to Intel either since Intel has piloted plenty of enhancements suchas Hyper-threading, SSE but it's just that none of these worked without developer involvement and optimizations.

I know Intel, and I'm sure we'll see a massive blow back, however I'm hoping that this time around AMD is prepared for that. I think they are, since they've been through this before and I'm sure they don't want a repeat.


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Sure glad you’re around here.

Probably the best RAM vid I’ve seen. Plus he uses the 3700X which I thought would be a gem for a low heat rig, but using X470 server board.

Syncing isn’t usually needed for us with Intel but this is great info about latency which is right up our alley.

I was impressed by the end of the 1st part one video then saw he had 2?
Had to watch that too.

Guy just tells you the shit you need to know and doesn’t bore you to death like a real slow synth Demo. Makes you want to yell at them they’re so slow.
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