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Royalties and youtube


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No i haven't checked Warner Chappel, is it fairly straightforward how figuring out how to do that ?or do they make u jump through hoops?


No i haven't checked Warner Chappel, is it fairly straightforward how figuring out how to do that ?or do they make u jump through hoops?
I just searched their catalogue for you with Alex’s name and pseudonyms. There’s nothing on there under those names.

If you have seen the ownership chain which doesn’t include you registered on the PRO’s sites you can then contact those owners.


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I just came into an agreement with Identify ( who is like ADREV)
But prior to that the song (under my original title) was registered with my SOCAN by me in 2011
and 100 % of publishing and composing rights were legally mine
If you could please forward this to 2min 30sec, I talk about the papers and performing rights with the screenshots of my PRO showing ownership, the problem is, that I Convinced Adrev by shoving them that video. I don't know what name the thief retitled my song to, I can partially "poke in the dark" on scans Repertoire page, but Alex Khaskin (the composer who stole my song, ill just refer to him as Alex from now) renamed my song "funny walk" to " Funny Walk-14157" " cookie walk" "walking funny" "Silly walk" "silly walk -141517 ""cooky wak" etc..many other manes I'm assuming in order to confuse... I don't see any other reasons..so I'm stumped as to how to figure out the details.

I also found one version where under the youtube video it says the right belongs to
(on behalf of Salieri Music (Salieri Music Is the company that belongs to Alex Khaskin )); PEDL, Warner Chappell, AdRev Publishing, SODRAC, and 6 Music Rights Societies

These pages are just to prove that i own 100% of the rights to the titles I AM AWARE OF. I don't even know many different names Alex Khaskin or someone else may have given it

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Was it difficult setting up your own publishing company?


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Ilya, stop lying and discredit my name . It is you who is a thief . Because of Covid 19 you are out work in Russian night club and now you are trying to find a way how to make money elsewhere . First of all you dont have multi tracks of any of my songs cause they are disappeared with old PC . Second , Funny walk was composed by me and the reason why you are in the first time even able to sue German singer is because i found out and gave you the link . ....but , all the music that we are talking about was composed way prior you been fired by me before you became mentally unstable . I gave you a lot of tracks in early 200 till i fire you so that you could make enough money for a living , but only for royalty free stuff ...at the time none of us new that YouTube will have watermarked program . Then i fired you because of you were acting weird . You were my sound designer , not a composer . Even if your life depends on it you wouldn't be able to find middle C . I keep you at my side for many years and gave you possibility to learn a craft of sound designer , but then something happened to you and you became unstable ....was it mental illness , drugs or something else ? ...but you screw up deadline with one of my major producers and i had to let you go . Since then because of your strange behavior you lost every job that you ever been involved . You been fired from the club as a singer and basically lost your income .
You have been calling me since then and asking me to hire you again , but i cant do that because you are not trustworthy . So ,now , instead of appreciate for how many years i helping you to make a living you decided to go after me yet another way by claiming that music is yours ....how much money you made just because i allow you to sell my music on Royalty free websites ? how much money you made
by working with me and getting credit for nothing ? Even when you were sick i spend more then 5000 dollars to buys you a new furniture .....stop lying and using cleverly facts that have nothing to do with your ownership of my songs .....this time i will fight you on every lie your mouth produce

Your ex friend , Alex


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They asked me to film a video showing individual stems of the multitrack work file of song in question, and after they were satisfied with my evidence they sent me an email congratulating me on joining their company.

here is a lie .....


Cocky Walk without singing-14157


Alex Khaskin


Salieri Music

Licensed to YouTube by​

(on behalf of Salieri Music (Salieri Music)); BMI - Broadcast Music Inc.
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