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Roots Upright Bass - from Bolder Sounds


Bolder Sounds
Hello All,

Today we released our new Roots Upright Bass (RUB) sample library for Kontakt. Below are the details -

This style of bass playing evolved from music where there were no drums to establish a strong rhythm. Therefore it was the job of the bass player not only to play the bass lines but also to create a strong rhythmic feel using special percussive techniques. We were very fortunate to be able to work with a musician who is a master of this style - Eric Thorin. We were also lucky enough to do the recording sessions at Grace Design studios in Lyons, Colorado.

Some Features of the RUB sample library for NI Kontakt
  • 4 Kontakt instruments - the main plucked bass .nki, a bowed bass .nki, a knocks .nki (turns the bass into a percussion kit) and a extra slides .nki.​
  • Sampled articulations include standard plucks, slapped notes, ghost notes, finger flicks, palm hits, harmonics and slides.​
  • Recorded with a Nuemann U87 (on the bottom of the bass) and a Sennheiser small diaphragm microphone (on the fingerboard) with a control knob to balance these 2 sources.​
  • A sophisticated Auto-Position script allowing idiomatic movement around the fingerboard - especially helpful for non-string players (keyboard players. This script can also be turned off if desired. String imposition keyswitches for playing up a single string.​
  • Velocity levels for each sample layer can be customized to the user preference for tonal variety.​
  • All keyswitch locations can be reassigned to the users preference.​
  • The bowed bass features a auto-legato script with short and long bow strokes in both down and up-bow articulations​
  • All 4 RUB instruments share the same Effects data file for ease of switching between .nki instruments and keeping the same effect settings.​
  • Effects include pre-compression EQ, compression, post-compression EQ, delay, reverb and IR convolution.​


This library is on sale at a 20% discount until October 4th for $55.95 (regular price is $69.95).​

Thank you for your time!
Dennis @ Bolder

Sid Francis

Senior Member
Hey Dennis

It sounds really cool and the comparison between Eric and the V.I. is great and convincing. I hate that I don´t make the music for it...


I make music
Love the sound, to me sounds very authentic and certainly the videos make it seem very playable. This is one I'll consider picking up for sure.


Active Member
So... this sounds really good. I don't NEED another Upright Bass, however this one seems like it will be a great addition to my arsenal.


Jerry Foss
Just got this, so I haven't been through all the nuances yet, but the sounds are tremendous. For the genres it has that great biting persussive element, and there's a lot of scope for varying the eq, responses, etc; great conrol over the articulations. If you're after a bass for rootsy music, this is the one.


Jerry Foss
Hi Dennis, Ok - done it. I hope it's ok. Let me know if you want me to edit it. Anyway, the RUB is a great instrument!


Bolder Sounds
Happy you like it!

The 20% off introductory price offer will be over on the 5th of October BTW.


Active Member
Well I missed the sale but it's well worth the full price. Just spent some time noodling around with this today and it's terrific! A great addition to my roots/Americana arsenal. Thanks Dennis!
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