Roli seaboard Poly Pressure (Poly Aftertouch) Divisimate Vsl Cubase

Adrian Stavian

New Member
I'm trying to make Poly Pressure to work so I can use a Roli seaboard with Vsl Appasionata Strings -
I created different tracks (vlns,vlas,cellos,basses) on the same vi and I want to be able to control the velocity xf of each note with the poly aftertouch.
I'm using Cubase 10.5 pro.
I tryed different aproches , until now no luck...:sad:
Anyone tryed/achieved this ?


Hi Adrian,
Divisimate does not support polyphonic aftertouch or MPE yet. We are planning to tackle the support for polyphonic expression data next, but it's a delicate topic, since all of this has to run through the divisi algorithm.
So for now we recommend using Divisimate with your Seaboard in Channel Pressure mode until we crack that problem.