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Rocker's attempt at swing/big band (music video)


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It's been a while since I posted on here.

I come from primarily punk/metal background and I've always had an outsider's love for crooner/big band music. So this was my feeble but earnest attempt at creating a swing/big band piece.

If you're curious, it's off my album 'Threesomes With Me, Myself, And I':

Instruments/Sample libraries (from what I remember):

Vocals - yours truly

Guitar - real guitar (Line 6 Variax Standard on the modelled 'Semi' position)

Drums - Kontakt's factory jazz drums

Bass - ModWheel's the Lowdown

Horns - Native Instruments' Session Horns Pro and Embertone's Sensual Saxophone

Winds - Neocymatics clarinets, Embertone's Jubal or Ivory flute (I don't remember), and Hephaestus Sounds' clarinet.

Strings - I think I used Native Instruments' Session Strings, Kirk Hunter's Solo Strings for violin, a legato patch from Albion I (Legacy)'s HI strings, violins from Complete Orchestral Collections (from Best Service?) and a free 'maestro string ensemble' patch (I don't remember who's that from).


No one special
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Crap. I haven't logged-in in a while. Sorry.

Love it.. great editing


Thank you kindly, Ryan! Editing's has always been the bane of my existence so I appreciate you acknowledging it.

You rocked it!!

Thank you very much! I tried to 'jazz it' but my 'rocker's tendencies' do get the best of me sometimes.


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Impressive production! Great instrumentation, and your voice is so fun!

{Could totally see you singing "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch". Don't take that the wrong way, you definitely have the voice for it :) }

R. Soul

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This is awesome.
It's certainly not obvious that you have a Punk/Metal background. Sounds pretty authentic to me.

My only little critique would be that some of the high brass seems panned quite heavily right.
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