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Riot Audio releases Bowed Guitar Clouds - Cinematic Morphing Pads for Kontakt (with Intro Offer)

Riot Audio

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Riot Audio has released BOWED GUITAR CLOUDS, a simple but powerful Kontakt virtual instrument for cinematic morphing pad sounds. Centred on recordings of bowed guitars, is the follow-up to the hugely successful Bowed Glass Clouds and will be available for £29 (regular price £49) until September 11th 2019.

BOWED GUITAR CLOUDS is built on Riot Audio's proprietary CLOUDS engine which contains an individually adjustable three-octave spread and two main layers (A & B) with two sublayers each. It uses Kontakt's AET Filter technology and equal power crossfading to morph between these different layers. There is a resulting total of 12 layers that can be morphed, blended and automated to create a wide variety of complex, evolving textures.

  • Multi-layer morphing pad instrument running in Kontakt 5.8 and above (full version only).
  • Instant rich, organic evolving pad textures.
  • Source instruments include:
    1. Bowed hollowbody electric guitar
    2. Bowed semi-acoustic bass
    3. Bowed steel-string acoustic guitar
    4. Bowed Portuguese steel-string ukulele (Braguinha)
  • Sampled instruments (Bowed & Ebow): Italia Mondial semi-acoustic bass, Höfner Verythin Contemporary hollowbody electric guitar, Braguinha (Portoguese steel-string ukulele), steel string acoustic guitar
  • Microphones used: Royer R10 Ribbon, Sontronics Orpheus Condenser, DI through Blackstar valve guitar amplifier
  • 12 layers of sound in each instrument: A/B layers with two sublayers each and a 3 octave spread
  • 40 presets (snapshots) in total
  • Lexicon Reverb Modelling
  • Based on Riot Audio’s proprietary CLOUDS engine using Kontakts AET Filter morphing capabilities
  • Total size of sampled content: 1.26 GB
BOWED GUITAR CLOUDS is on sale now for £29 (MSRP £49) until September 11th 2019.




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