Revisiting Abbey Road & Studio Drummer


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Thanks for these patches! So generous of you to provide them. I've used Abbey Road for a number of projects, and now you've breathed new life into these samples. I like your tweaks and mixes. I guess I can hold out for a bit longer on venturing into SD3, AD2, or Modo Drum territory.


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Wow, new life indeed. These sound great. Thank you so much for putting in the time and effort in talent to provide us with these patches.

I personally already like Studio drummer and 50s drummer alot. But generally only for a retro type of vibe. So it's awesome to be able to hear these excellently recorded drums brought into the modern era. Cheers mate.


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I went from thinking, "Geez, what a waste of money on Studio Drummer" to "Holy crap! I gotta play these now!" after hearing the custom patches ^_^. Great job Cory!